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  • Principal Supplier required to check and validate all press ads coming in

  • Need to streamline ad production and copy chasing workflows

  • Rapid implementation required, using the PADN system and enhancing it

  • Comprehensive and professional support across extended working day

  • Cost effective and able to hit validation targets quickly

  • Qmuli appointed as clear and obvious choice

  • Validation targets exceeded from day one

In August 2020 News UK started looking for a Principal Supplier to handle all their incoming print advertising across all their titles in the UK and Ireland. They were looking to significantly streamline their print-based advertising workflows and their copy chasing activities.

The objective was to have a very high percentage of their ads being delivered with a correct URN (Unique Reference Number). This would allow a “straight to the page” workflow and minimise the copy chasing previously required, and so gain the advantages that the PADN system had promised but not yet delivered.

In order not to disrupt their advertisers’ activities they wanted to allow all existing ad delivery vendors to be able to continue to deliver ads but have one (the Principal Supplier) through whom all ads would need to be funnelled.

This Principal Supplier would be responsible for checking and validating that ads supplied were to the correct specification and had the appropriate URN for the intended position within the publication. News UK had a target of 90% of all ads being delivered with the correct URN.

News UK issued an RFP (Request For Proposal) in order to evaluate the possible candidates for Principal Supplier and subsequently select one. In September 2020 Qmuli was chosen as the clear winner – due to its outstanding, high-scoring proposal and its previous proven track record working with NewsUK (including our world-class support).

Qmuli rapidly designed and implemented a system to enable other delivery vendors to deliver ads to News UK via Qmuli’s delivery solution. This went live in October 2020. The percentage of ads that arrived to the correct specification and with the appropriate URN immediately increased significantly to over 90%.

Over the next few months Qmuli and News UK worked together to further increase this figure to 100% of all ads where a valid URN is available. Nowadays approximately 60% of all ads delivered to News UK are delivered directly via Qmuli’s system, and not via a third-party vendor.

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