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Turbocharge your own production systems using APIs

to directly integrate with Qmuli’s production tools.


Bring the power of Qmuli’s state-of-the-art production technology to your own systems.


From a simple web call for publication names to a full system with live updates from all the data in the ad.lib specification library. APIs enable Qmuli’s platforms to be integrated into completely different systems, allowing developers to create whole new ways to streamline production workflows.

Whether you’re looking to harness the power of ad.lib, Qmuli’s exhaustive specification library, automatically resize or colour convert files with ad.just or ad.apt, or build in ad delivery with, our APIs allow your developers to create an infinite number of unique, end- to-end ad production processes. And since all of Qmuli’s tools are cloud-based, integration couldn’t be easier.

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Qmuli’s APIs have various available endpoints, supporting a wide range of different work- flows for agencies and publishers, enabling specific actions like uploading files and sending booking emails. Qmuli’s APIs are REST API calls, a standard technology to ensure that they are interoperable with any technology, but we also offer webhook callbacks to provide real- time stays updates and C# client libraries.


Contact us for more technical information, where we can provide you with a list of API end-points for specific workflows that may suit you.

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