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We can source any global press publication or OOH specification - fast

Ensuring your ads meet a publisher’s criteria is vital, but finding the correct specification for some insertions can be time-consuming and bewildering. Simply locating the correct in- formation sheet and interpreting the details that are relevant to your insertion can be very intimidating to the inexperienced.

Qmuli’s specification finder service provides an effortless way to obtain the correct

specification for any press publication or OOH installation around the world. We source information using our years of expertise and can do this quicker than most people, saving you time while mitigating the chances of misinterpretation.

We return specification information to you via email, presenting it in a simplified, easily

digestible form, including page size, colour profile, delivery information, and more. Better still, we usually upload the new specification information to ad.lib – Qmuli’s groundbreaking specification database. This means that the specification data becomes instantly available to use in Qmuli’s other apps and services, such as ad.apt and ad.just. You can even deliver to the new publication via

Finding specifications simply couldn’t be easier thanks to Qmuli’s expertise. Contact us to

find out more.

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