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We provide a vast range of production services and we are proud that we can deliver high-end production at unbeatable prices.

Qmuli’s range of production services help to take the strain off project fulfilment – ideal for clients who want to outsource part of their workflow or need extra help for a busy period. Our studio professionals can assist with all aspects of production, from artworking and pre- press to full-blown digital production and ad-fixing. Our staff have decades of hands-on

industry experience in digital, press, colour, and more, so there is nothing we don’t know about ad production.

Thanks to the versatile technology behind Qmuli’s apps, we use our own systems in our production studio. This allows us to pass on efficiencies and savings directly to our clients wherever possible. That’s why Qmuli’s steadfast production services are relied upon by a wide range of companies, including brands like Channel 4 and Asics, agencies such as Global Media, Four Communications, and Prodigious, publishers such as NewsUK and DMG, and production companies such as Network London.

Qmuli can provide a wide range of important production services, including:

  • Artworking: from creating master artworks to creating re-sizes for specific press insertions, including changing content (and even language) – often we are used as an overflow service covering holidays and those extra busy periods for our clients, so they don’t have the hassle of finding freelancers.

  • Pre-press/repro: getting your colour right across your whole campaign, providing advice on ‘newspaper colour’, creating delivery-ready/print-ready files etc.

  • Proofing: whether it be advice on what proofer to buy (and we can supply them too), sourcing consumables, running out proofs, or providing user support and maintenance for your proofers, we can provide the complete service.

  • Digital ad production: once again, no job is too much for us – from a simple banner with URL link to a complex, moving-image, geo-dependent, content-variable platform ad, we know how to deliver and do so at prices that don’t take your breath away.

  • Press passes: with our in-depth colour expertise we provide some clients with that extra pair of eyes on the press to make sure the printer is giving you all they can to make your product stand out.

  • ‘Ad-fixing’: for some publishers, to help keep their internal costs down, we provide an ‘ad-fix’ service where we will manually fix any ads that cannot be fixed by our own very clever auto fixes in

  • So what can we do for you? Well, if any of the following are of interest to you, please get in contact:

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