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Generate multiple ads for any press or digital campaign schedule.


Based on Adobe’s InDesign server, ad.just is an automated tool that makes artworking workflows massively more efficient by resizing files to precisely meet a publisher’s requirements, all while maintaining high quality across the whole schedule.

With just a few rule applications using InDesign’s ‘liquid pages’ tools, users can generate different size adaptations incredibly quickly, all with the right amount of bleed, and with crop marks or without as the publication dictates. ad.just can do this thanks to close integration with ad.lib, allowing users to select the correct publications and ad sizes easily. Users can vary the content from re-size to re-size, and ad.just does all of this simply in a standard browser.

ad.just’s resizing process can also be driven from ad.min+, allowing users to book in insertions, select them, and then the intelligent system will create the new sizes.

ad.just gives artworkers the space to focus on producing great masters, saving time and eliminating the possibility of human error.

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