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Manage global multimedia campaigns from start to finish campaign Campaign takes Qmuli’s renowned technology to the next level by scaling up its delivery capabilities, providing a way to deliver complex schedules of ads with the ease and reliability that has made the industry’s go-to delivery solution.

Agencies and brands can run complex global multimedia campaigns using state-of-the-art production tools in Campaign, based on a specialised version of Qmuli’s ad.min+ production suite. Set up entire campaigns, edit media, and check specifications from Qmuli’s global database, through to copy fulfilment and delivery confirmation. The system manages technical specifications, bookings, data, and workflows to maximise efficiency and ensure that complex media schedules are delivered on time. Campaign is linked to the Publishers Advertising Data Network (PADN), the growing initiative to facilitate targeted sharing of ad production information. Integration with PADN means that Campaign users can directly see the information held by publishers for each of their bookings, providing a quick and easy method to check information and map copy directly to the Unique Reference Number (URN) for efficient delivery and confirmation.

From delivering to massive OOH projects to all-digital platforms, Campaign gives users complete control of campaign delivery, including a way to send multiple documents to a range of media platforms with just a few clicks.

With skilled support staff available on demand, Campaign is a complete package of delivery tools.

Contact us to find out more about how Campaign can manage media campaigns for you.

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