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A world-class automated colour conversion system.


Colour consistency is brand consistency. ad.apt demystifies the complexities of colour reproduction, which normally demands that users know details of each publication to achieve the correct colour balance. ad.apt automates this process, considerably speeding up ad production workflows.

ad.apt’s professionally made profiles introduce a new standard of quality, consistency, and reliability when it comes to colour conversion and optimising press ads and images. Yet ad.apt does more than simply apply an ICC profile, using custom-built 4D colour device-link profiles for every target colour space, ad.apt provides an extremely high level of colour accuracy across all publications, ensuring brand colour consistency.

As a cloud-based solution, new and updated colour curves are maintained centrally and available immediately. Although ad.apt is a standalone app, it also forms part of the integrated solution that lies within a number of Qmuli’s other apps, including, ad.min+, and ad.just.

ad.apt guarantees brilliant, consistent colour, quickly and easily. Low-, medium- and high- volume pricing options are available to meet your specific requirements.

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