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  • Large ad production house with legacy print production workflows

  •  Looking for savings and process efficiencies, plus improved quality

  • Qmuli’s cloud-based solution provided a rapid deployment opportunity

  • In-built integration of specifications and high-quality colour conversions

  • Highly flexible on-line approval solution also integrated

  • Immediate benefits obtained: cost-savings and improved process

  • Partnership – with ongoing enhancements and broadening of use across Prodigious

Prodigious UK are responsible for the production of a huge variety of print, press and OOH campaigns across multiple media for several prestigious UK creative agencies.


In the summer of 2020 Prodigious started looking for a solution to help them manage this work. They wanted something easy and quick to install, simple to set up and customise, highly cost effective, and that would help them streamline their print and press production processes and allow them to monitor and track the status of all their work – from creating the masters to fulfilling the schedules and supplying media owners with exactly the right files, within deadline.


They came to Qmuli looking for a solution and we showed them ad.min+. This is our campaign and production management system. It is integrated with a number of our other solutions, such as ad.lib (our comprehensive specification database), ad.apt (our colour conversion tool), our ad delivery system – as well as having a highly flexible bolt-on online approval system.


We demonstrated to them that ad.min+ could deliver on all their requirements. They could see immediately the benefits of the online approval system for tracking internal and external ‘client’ comments and approvals, the significant efficiencies gained by creating a job and it automatically bringing in all the specifications they required (across multiple media), and the financial savings they would make from, for example, having an in-built colour conversion solution (this no longer having to pay for a separate third party system).


In September 2020 Prodigious went live with ad.min+ and have expanded its use significantly since then. We at Qmuli have worked with them, having regular catch up meetings, to explore additional ways that they might deploy ad.min+ in order to get even greater advantage. We have continued to develop additional functionality based on their requirements and recommendations.

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