Our Company


Long, long ago – well 10 years to be exact – Tony (Taylor) and Alan (Roche) formed Remote Proofing Solutions (later known as RPS) in order to develop low cost, fast output, professional quality proofing systems – as an alternative to the Digital Cromalin® that was the de facto standard in the industry at the time.

Being very clever boys they also developed an automated colour conversion solution that allowed clients to colour convert press ad PDFs to the correct target colour space for any publication - with a professional result every time. This system, and their proofing system, was adopted by many of the top London agencies and production houses, and was the precursor to our ad.apt app.

Marcus (Kirby) joined them 7 years ago, and together they have significantly expanded the range of services and products they provide to the industry. The company was re-branded as Qmuli (pronounced Kew-Mew-Lie) 5 years ago.

Tony, Alan and Marcus

Qmuli has 3 working directors – Tony, Alan and Marcus. These 3 likely lads have been in the advertising business near enough all their professional lives (although Marcus is rumoured to have been a bit of a luvvie in his early days).

Tony went from apprentice to scanner operator (across various companies) to being Colour Manager of Mullis Morgan and then Tapestry (two of the most well-respected advertising pre-press houses in London at that time).

Alan had a similar background (albeit starting his trade in his native Australia) and became Colour Manager of TfG (the production division of Saatchi & Saatchi in London).

After a brief flirtation with luvvie-dom, Marcus started in IT with The Lowe Group and became IT Director of Lowe Howard-Spink. He then moved more into the production arena working for AdMagic, TfG, ES (the AMV production division) and Vertis PRS, where he was Strategic Director. He worked as an ad production consultant for Diageo, SABMiller, Shell, Reckitt Benckiser and several other large global brands, before joining Qmuli.

All 3 directors have a passion for ad production – and an over-riding desire to drive quality and efficiencies into the process to make it a high quality, fast turnaround business for all concerned.

Where does that silly name Qmuli come from?

Well, Qmuli is intended as an alternative spelling of Cumuli (because we wanted a .com domain name and we couldn’t get one without spelling the name in a 'weird' way!). Cumuli is the plural of cumulus ( a type of cloud) so cumuli would be several of those type of clouds – they are the tall ones with the flat base if you are interested in that kind of detail!

We provide systems that are cloud-based or “in the cloud” as they say – and even our production services are managed using our cloud-based management system, with many of our staff working remotely (usually from home), which is why we all sound so relaxed (because we are sitting in our dressing gowns with the dog in our lap – well sometimes, Sunday mornings maybe).

Anyway – that is why we are called Qmuli – pronounced Kew-Mew-Lie.


What we are about

All of us at Qmuli are driven by the desire to provide systems and services that deliver real value, that make all our lives easier, and which drive efficiencies that also enhance quality. This is our lifeblood and our ethos. We try to do this with a smile and a friendly face because we know this makes all our lives easier.

Between us we know quite a bit about advertising and marketing production, and where we can help we will. Feel free to email us or pick up the phone any time if you need assistance or advice. We will always do our best to help. ‘What goes around comes around’ as they say.