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Advanced ad campaign and project management system.


ad.min+ provides a way to manage a huge number of marketing tasks for any project or campaign, no matter how complex, with automated ad production, scheduling, cost tracking, and more.

Customisation and flexibility is key to ad.min+, allowing users to precisely configure it to exactly how they want it to work. Users can define what their job types are, what the status of each job is, how they define their clients’ divisions and structures, what their typical project schedules look like, and so on.

Users can set up online approval, artwork version control, and client extranets. Finance management is built in, with estimates request for quotes, POs, invoices, multiple price lists, client-specific pricing, material and people costs and prices, and support for multiple currencies. Resource management features include timesheets, people scheduling, depart- mental management tools, stock control, multiple time-zones, and individual task lists. Project management tools allow users to create customised schedules with calendars, timeline and ‘Gantt chart’ views, time and cost controls and ‘alarms’, and task lists.

ad.min+ includes the full stack of Qmuli’s technology – so you can book a job in seconds including all the artworking specifications via ad.lib, easily manage assets with, create artworks for multiple sizes with ad.just, instantly colour convert multiple files via ad.apt, and deliver ads rapidly via
To learn more about the incredible efficiencies and benefits that ad.min+ can bring to your workflow.

Contact us to find out more and arrange a demo.

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