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The UK’s most popular system for delivering ads to publishers – fast.

Advertisers can use to deliver press ads and digital ads to publishers, including web banners and mobile ads, with automated tools to simplify workflows and secure tracking every step of the way. allows advertisers to easily upload, check, and fix ad files in an intuitive online interface. The technology behind can even colour convert and crop ads to the exact publication specification.

For publishers, provides a host of features to streamline the process of receiving ads. With auto-generated emails with booking details and a link for advertisers to easily up- load files and automatic downloads thanks to its reliable polling software,’s automated features ensure that publishers receive ads in a structured, data-rich way, while providing advertisers with an easier ad submission experience. Publishers can even set up a microsite running their own white label version of, exclusively with their own titles on it.’s tracking page allows advertisers to manage complex schedules and keep track of live delivery statuses, while publishers can utilise’s responsive tracking and comprehensive search tools to locate ads, including clear copy instructions (CI) and sender information. is also fully integrated with ad.lib, Qmuli’s world-class ad specification database. This allows advertisers to easily meet a publisher’s specifications and criteria, while empowering publishers with granular control over how titles are delivered to them, helping every ad arrive correctly. is easy to use, reliable, and cost-effiective.

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