HTML5 Ad Creation is our latest app and we are very proud of it. The idea came from the same motivation that drives all our product development. Managing, building and delivering digital ads was proving complex and time consuming and we just knew there had to be a better way. So our clever development team built one for us … and, of course, for you.

Some of our clients use as much as a design tool as a production tool – and that is testimony to how easy it is to use. You don’t need to be a skilled operator, and you certainly don’t need to understand HTML5, in order to build ads in That’s the whole point.

An example of an ad built using ad.sapce:

Because it is a new product we are releasing updates continually (there’s no disruption for users as it is all in the cloud). The more we use it the more we realise “if only it had that it would be so much better”. So we brief our developers on “that” and, with a bit of luck they say they can build it. So far so good anyway!


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Several of our large publisher clients are using it to create their customers' digital ads, at volumes and speeds you wouldn’t believe. They love it. Quick, simple, flexible and powerful. And our agency and production house clients seem to like it too. For much the same reason, plus it allows them to take back control and reduce the need to use outside contractors and suppliers. They say it is helping them to bring down the lead times to match those for press ad production – and that has to be a good thing.

And for publishers, we can also provide an ad serving solution so that our server can manage the ‘heavy lifting’ and you just carry a tag on your pages.

It has some great functionality built in, so if you have a ‘campaign’ of say four different banner ads and you need to change the content (or the URL link) on all of them – you can do it just on one and then update the whole campaign. There is a lot of stuff like that … but really, seeing is believing.

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