Colour Management  

Ad.apt was our first ever app and, just like ad.lib (our specification database), lies at the heart of all we do. It is quite simply a world class automated colour conversion system. Although ad.apt is a standalone app, it also forms part of the integrated solution that lies within a number of our other apps including, ad.min+ and ad.just.

Two of our three founder directors – Alan and Tony – have vast experience in colour for press and print-based advertising. We wanted to create a solution that demystified the ‘black art of colour repro’ which meant that users needed to know the name of each publication in order to achieve the correct colour balance.

Yet it is not just a matter of applying an ICC profile. We build customised 4D colour transforms for every target colour space. And we build our own … because this way gives greater consistency across all publications, something which is key for brand consistency.

And that is not just our view. It is shared by major publishers such as Localworld and leading production companies like Gutenberg Networks and Communisis. Not to mention large brands such as Channel 4, Asics and Qatar Airways.


If you want to know more just contact us

It is a cloud-based solution, like all our apps, so you don’t need to have any hardware on site. We maintain the whole solution centrally, so new and updated curves get done swiftly and are available straight away. And the cost is very competitive – and we have low, medium and high volume pricing options to suit your specific requirements.

So … brilliant colour, really quickly, for a good price, with no hassle. What’s not to like? If you would like to know more just contact us.


If you want to know more just contact us